Barsaat (1995) (HD Rip) - Evergreen Bollywood Movies

Barsaat (1995) (HD Rip) - Evergreen Bollywood Movies
Movie name : Barsaat (1995) (HD Rip)

Category name : Evergreen Bollywood Movies

Stars : Bobby DeolTwinkle KhannaRaj Babbar

Genre : ActionRomance

Description : Badal comes from a rural village to take an enrollment into a college in the city. He meets his fellow collegian, Tina Oberoi and both gets acquainted with each other and after a few misgivings both fall in love with each other; only to learn that Tina's wealthy father, Dinesh Oberoi is against this relationship. Dinesh attempt to malign Badal's reputation by accusing him of raping a female but Tina testify in favor of Badal. Dinesh then make an attempt to bribe Badal with money but Badal refuses and continues to meet with Tina. When things goes out of hand Dinesh decides to hire a corrupt Assistant Commissioner of Police Neghi to kill Badal. Neghi then decides that he will go to any length to complete the task assign to him.

Length : 166 Mins

Total views : 23703

  (4 votes, average: 6.5 out of 10)

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