Hello Charlie (2021) (WebRip) - New BollyWood Movies

Hello Charlie (2021) (WebRip) - New BollyWood Movies
Movie name : Hello Charlie (2021) (WebRip)

Category name : New BollyWood Movies

Stars : Aadar JainJackie ShroffShloka Pandit

Genre : Comedy

Description : Charlie a young simpleton, currently a day dreaming pizza delivery boy, who later finds himself driving a truck to deliver a gorilla to the jetty at Porbandar. What he does not know is that inside the gorilla is actually a disguised Business Tycoon, Makwana. (ref to Vijay Malya, Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi) who is on escape after a scam. Makwana's partner in crime for this escape plan is Mona, a calendar girl who also happens to be Makwana's love interest. What they both don't know is that along the route a real gorilla DJANGO is on the prowl. Throw in a village belle in distress, Padma; the owner of a struggling circus, Patel; a drunk vet, Dr. Ganatra; Jugnu's mama and the truck's owner Karsan Bhai; a forest officer Ranger Solli Topi and what emerges is a hilarious, laugh a minute roller coaster journey through Gujarat till finally Jugnu outwits the villains and Makwana is arrested on the jetty of the Diu port. A mad road journey that ends up making a hero out of a simpleton.

Length : 102 Mins

Total views : 11975

  (5 votes, average: 8.2 out of 10)

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