Garbage (2018) (HD Rip) - New BollyWood Movies

Garbage (2018) (HD Rip) - New BollyWood Movies
Movie name : Garbage (2018) (HD Rip)

Category name : New BollyWood Movies

Stars : Tanmay DhananiaTrimala AdhikariSatarupa Das

Genre : DramaThriller

Description : A woman has been chained to the wall of an apartment. She is being kept as a slave. Taxi driver Phanishwar, her master, spreads his hatred on social networks. One day he meets a young woman, and becomes her driver, whilst secretly stalking her online.

Length : 105 Mins

Total views : 31816

  (14 votes, average: 8.2857142857143 out of 10)

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