Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) - New BollyWood Movies

Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) - New BollyWood Movies
Audio: Hindi

Subtitle: Not available

Movie name : Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip)

Category name : New BollyWood Movies

Stars : Singh BhupeshHarish ChhabraRam Naresh Diwakar

Genre : Drama

Audio: Hindi

Subtitle: Not available

Description : A blind old man and a young bank loan recovery agent, ironically both coming from two extreme weather conditions having zero contribution to the global climate change, fight for their survival. Once famous for it's farming, the people of Mahua region have forgotten the earthy scent of rain fall on their soil. Erratic and receding rainfall has led many farmers into debt traps set out as loans offered by banks. Unable to grow food grain anymore and to escape repayments, the only way out is sacrificing their own life. Blind father of a farmer fears his depressed son may commit suicide. Ruthless in his ways to repossess loans, a bank loan recovery agent arrives with a growing list of suicides attributed to him locally known as 'death god'. The father finds his son's life threatened the pressure of bank repayment. In case of the agent, fierce sea, regular floods and frequent cyclone threatens his family in far off coastal . The blind father meets the agent with a request to defer his son's

Length : 95 Mins

Total views : 16793

  (10 votes, average: 9.7 out of 10)

Download movie  Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) (Mp4 Sample)Download movie  Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) (PC HD Sample) Download movie  Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) (Mp4 Part 01)Download movie  Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) (Mp4 Part 02)Download movie  Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) (PC HD Full Movie) Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) is a Drama. movie released in .
staring Singh Bhupesh, Harish Chhabra, Ram Naresh Diwakar.
Movie Lenghth Kadvi Hawa (2017) (WEB-HD Rip) New BollyWood Movies is 95 minuts and its dubbed is also avilable in HINDI also you can watch movie subtitles in this movie video,
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